Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rainbow Headband

I used my little Pearl & Purl pattern (Free Pattern) to make this rainbow headband
Miss Belle who loves....
 Rainbows, peace signs, puppies, ponies and soccer
I stiffened the flowers with a bit of mod podge -  Great little trick to keep crocheted flowers from curling up
I don't know why I never thought of it - I found the idea at Tangled Happy Blog Spot
I hot glued the flowers to the plastic headband and secured them with a bit of red felt
I think my little rainbow headband is the cutest thing ever
especially on top of Annabelle's Noggin
Have a great week and if you love to crochet flowers make a rainbow headband : )

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ok, so I want to Move to Berkley Michigan

This past 4th of July we stayed in the childhood home of my Beau, which is in Lathroup Village Michigan
We had a Great time
We watched a GREAT Fireworks display in Berverly Hills
Picked Cherries and made Cherry Chip oatmeal cookies YUM

Our Grandaughter learned to swim in the big backyard pool & how to catch Fire Flies
We ate amazing food prepared by the GREAT AMAZING Martha
I fell in Love with a little town called Berkley
I am selling my house here in CA
and I am moving to Berkley Michigan so I can
Walk downtown to get a burger 

Shop of course

find a place to kick back to watch the Dream Crusie Parade

Woodward Ave & 12 Mile Road

I'd like to buy this house or one like it

Once a week I'd like to do lunch with my MIL in Downtown Birmingham
at The Townsend Hotel

I don't care about the snow part of the deal

 I might miss Orange County

Hermosa Beach

But I work so hard to live here
I never get to enjoy all that CA has to offer
I can always visit and besides the pacific ocean is cold
I am going to move

Hello Michigan it's me Cheryl