Monday, October 3, 2011

Trick or Treat Crochet Flower Bobby Pins

I used my crochet flower pattern to craft these little halloween color bobby pins
They are easy and fun to make
The pattern is below these images

Posies by Flower Girl Cottage


Form a Magic Circle

First Petal
Slip Stitch into Magic Circle, Chain 2 {counts as 1st double crochet}
Work 2 more Double Crochets into Magic Circle
Chain 2
Slipstitch into Magic Circle

Second Petal
Chain 2
Work 2 Double Crochets into Magic Circle
Chain 2
Slipstitch into Magic Circle

Continue working pattern from the beginning of  2nd petal 3 more times for a total of 5 petals.
·   After 5th petal is completed ending with last Slipstitch – Cut yarn fasten off leaving 2” tail - Slip loose end through the center of your Magic Circle moving it to the back of your work

Pull the loose end of Magic Circle to close up the center - Tie both loose ends together, trim off excess

Attach to bobby pin by using a small felt circle
Poke a tiny hole in the center
Push bobby pin thru
Then hot glue the circle to the back of the flower
This should also stablize the little crochet flower but you can also paint a tiny bit of clear nail polish or modpodge to further stiffen the flower

If you don't crochet and you'd like to have some halloween bobby pins
I have some available for purchase in my Etsy shop

Happy Fall - Happy Halloween
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