Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crochet a Fall Headband

Knit Look Headband
I made this headband with chucky yarn from Michaels (Loops & Thread Charisma) and a J hook
Chain 14
Double Crochet into 3rd chain from hook
Continue Double Crocheting to the end
You should have 13 Double Crochet Posts
Chain 2
Double Crochet into the back loops only across
Chain 2
Continue crocheting into back loops until piece measures 18.5"
Join the ends together by Single crocheting together
Fasten off - Secrue with a knot
Now you have a headband that should look as though it were Knitted in the round
I have found that this size of headband can fit a toddler up to adult
and it makes a nice neck warmer.

I hope if you try this you understand my directions - the Double Crochet stitch can be replaced with a Half Double Crochet Stitch as well

Flower Pattern
With J Hook and same chunky yarn as headband make a flower embellishment like mine with this pattern

Form a Magic Circle

First Petal
Slip Stich into Magic Circle, Chain 2 {counts as 1st Triple Crochet}
Work 1 Triple Crochets into Magic Circle
Chain 3
Slipstitch into Magic Circle

Second Petal
Chain 3
Work 1 Triple Crochet into Magic Circle
Chain 3
Slipstitch into Magic Circle

Continue working pattern from the beginning of  2nd petal 3 more times for a total of 5 petals.
·   After 5th petal is completed ending with last Slipstitch – Cut yarn fasten off leaving 2” tail - Slip loose end through the center of your Magic Circle moving it to the back of your work
  • Pull loose end of Magic Circle to close up the center - Tie both loose ends together, trim off excess and hot glue a clip to the back

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