Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Citizens In the Making" by Felix Billiarde - Adoption Reunion

I was Adopted in 1962, I have wonderful parents & I have had and have a wonderful life.
10 years ago I found my birth Mother. 
We have a happy reunion story (Sorry Dr. Laura YOU are dead wrong on your views with regard to adoption reunion, well at least in my case)

My reunion with my biological parent is how I found out about this guy below

This is my biological maternal Great Grandfather Felix Billiarde, his passion was Child Welfare Reform
"Citizens In The Making"
was one of the books he authored and presented to Queen Elizabeth

Felix always wore a hat & suit 
He thought my birth mother needed to improve her manners
Did not approve of her tantrums.

I just thought this was cool and I wanted to share it.

With regard to Adoption
I am still searching for my biological Brother
Born 9-9-1960
San Pedro, California
Original Birth Certificate would have named him as
" Baby Boy Billiarde"
Original California Birth Ceritficate Numbers do not change
only the Name for reissued copys presented to the Adoptive Parents.
If you are a man searching for your birth family & you were born in San Pedro, 9-9-60 at the Little Company of Mary Hospital
I would  love to meet you
We have the same Mother & Father and no other biological siblings
We were only children to at the time very young biological parents
And we have a small but interesting biological family
We are 2nd generation Americans
Our grandparents imigrated from
Petershead, Scotland
Stamford, Enlgalnd
"Betsy" was name of the social worker that placed us through the Children's Home Society
Los Angeles, CA

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Very interesting indeed...Canadian roots huh? I lived in Manitoba for a very short while when my first husband was an RCMP officer.